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It all started nearly three decades ago in her mom and dad’s house. Beth Marsh was a new graduate of Indiana University’s accounting program, and had just landed her first client. Today, the company she founded serves scores of small businesses, medical practices, schools, nonprofits, and government entities.

“It sounds cliché, but I always knew I wanted to be an accountant,” she says. Beth Marsh was born in Muncie and had her first bookkeeping class at Greenfield High School. Her mom, Judy Reynolds, was her first employee, and her father, long retired, is well-known to Bookkeeping Plus's clients as Beth’s part-time document delivery driver. Yes, Bob Reynolds admits, “I do sometimes brag on her, but it’s amazing what she has accomplished.”

THE HEADQUARTERS FOR THE OPERATION is a 7,000 square foot building near Indianapolis, a far cry from a corner desk at home. It includes a new addition in 2012 that nearly doubled Beth’s floor space. Some of her employees commute from as far away as Zionsville or Carmel. “It’s just a great place to work,” says Kathy Pershing, the office manager who has been with Beth for many years.

Beth credits her loyal staff for the company’s success. “I try to hire people who are more than just good accountants,” she explains. “I want someone who enjoys working directly with the clients and knows how to provide great customer service.”

IT IS THAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL in providing great customer service that forms the cornerstone of BPI’s reputation. “Looking back, there was so much about running a business that I had to learn,” Beth recalls. “But I just had an instinct that if you took great care of your clients, they would take care of you.” Virtually all of Beth’s new clients are referrals from satisfied customers or CPA firms familiar with her services.

BETH’S NEXT BIG OPPORTUNITY came in 2002 with the new law allowing charter schools in Indiana. “Here was a way I could really make a difference in kids’ lives,” she says, “by helping these schools get started with proper financial planning and management.” She worked hard, learning the field and developing techniques to serve the schools. Today, Beth is recognized as a leading expert in charter school financial operation, as well as internal control and extra-curricular compliance for public schools.

Beth Marsh
I spend so much time in my office, it feels like a second home!

She points with pride to stories that clients have told her about how her insightful accounting services have made a difference for them. “What we do for our clients—bookkeeping, budgeting, and consulting—is only part of what they need to be successful,” Beth notes, “but it’s a necessary part, an important part, and we view it as a privilege to be able to make that contribution.”  Beth's membership in the Tri Kappa philanthropic organization also allows her to make a contribution to the local community.

Whether the client is a nonprofit, a school, a government entity or any number of small businesses ranging from medical practices to construction companies, Beth’s commitment remains the same as it was in those early home-office days: “Get to know your client, find out what they need, do your homework and work hard for them every single day.”

TO GET MORE ACQUAINTED with Beth, contact her at (317) 462-2049 or send an email