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A little faith, a little luck, a lot of hard work, and a lot of help from so many good people. As we celebrate 30 years in business, here is a look back, and a look forward.

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Our 30th Anniversary!

In Part 1 of this blog series, I recalled some of those who believed in me and helped me build Bookkeeping Plus from its founding in 1987 into the company it is today—especially my loyal employees who now number over 20. There are so many others to thank as well, and so many who contributed in ways large and small.

Clients and Friends

I think next of my clients, who range across Indiana and in states from here to Florida. I would never have enjoyed so many professional opportunities without the many clients who have enabled me to practice the profession I enjoy.

Many clients have become more than just a customer to me. After you have worked closely with someone for 5, 10, or even 20 years, they become a friend. You share in the excitement for their successes as their organization grows, and you empathize with them as they endure the personal or professional challenges that all of us have at one time or another. I am fortunate to have so many friends among my past and present clientele.

The Trust of Colleagues

CPAs and other professionals have also contributed greatly to our success. Bookkeeping Plus works with organizations of almost every type, including schools, small businesses of all kinds, medical practices, charities, foundations, towns, and townships. The wide variety of industries we serve is due in large part to the referrals I receive from CPAs who trust BPI and are familiar with our services. I deeply appreciate each referral and do my best to take good care of every new client.

The Road Ahead

What does the future hold for Bookkeeping Plus? A clue may be found in the fact that over the years, we have expanded beyond bookkeeping and accounting to other related services: Consulting (helping clients with the operational aspect of their financial management functions); Accounting System Setup; Training; and Compliance Services. As to the latter, BPI is rapidly expanding our services to schools who need help with the accounting procedures and SBOA regulations for their extra-curricular activities (ECAs), and to government entities (including schools) who are subject to the new Indiana law requiring complex Internal Control procedures.

In 2017, we are also moving into some areas of specialty accounting such as cybertech, motorsports, and music. I have always loved learning new industries and new types of accounting!

From My Heart to Yours

As you can see, it has been a marvelous journey for me and Bookkeeping Plus. I never forget how blessed I am, and I know that thirty years in business is a rare milestone. Thank you all! —Beth A. Marsh, CEO

30th Anniversary