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Practitioners in the healthcare field rely on BPI for accounting and advice: physicians, veterinarians, chiropractors, dentists—even pharmacy and home healthcare services.

healthcareBookkeeping Plus provides timely, accurate bookkeeping and accounting.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Sales and Accounts Receivable

  • Enter daily revenue transactions
  • Record deposits
  • Separate out sales for related functions, such as sale of product
  • Review A/R aging

Expenses and Accounts Payable

  • Enter invoices from vendors and suppliers
  • Reconcile invoices to statements
  • Pay monthly recurring invoices
  • Enter manual checks written by client
  • Maintain prepaid-expense schedules
  • Post monthly expense accrual entries
  • Prepare and pay monthly sales tax
  • Make payments to vendors
  • Track A/P including aging
  • 1099 forms to vendors and independent contractors

Inventory Management

  • Set up accounting system to manage inventory
  • Resolve inventory tracking issues
  • Provide inventory reports

Financial Statements

Reporting and analysis provide you with information about performance and trends.

  • Accrual basis reports; prepared monthly
  • Monthly reports include Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Budget-to-Actual, Previous Year Comparison
  • Provide information to bankers or CPAs upon client request
  • Reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts
  • Reconciliation of "due to/from" accounts for affiliated companies
  • Cash Flow statements; cash management; forecasting

Payroll and Retirement

Many of our clients want BPI to process payroll in-house, in which case we also prepare payroll tax payments, payroll returns, and detailed payroll reports. Some clients use third-party payroll providers. We can usually make payroll entries directly into their system, and subsequently prepare the desired reports. Either way, we process payroll for in-house and third-party providers, including:

  • Calculate time cards (if requested)vet with dog 17224813
  • Track payroll expenses by department
  • Input into software for both payroll and taxes
  • Make tax payments
  • Prepare all tax filings
  • Prepare year-end tax reports including W-2s
  • Retirement fund calculations, payments, and reports

Advising, Consulting, and Training

Here are some of the areas where BPI can provide consulting ideas to improve your financial performance:

  • Budgeting: Assist with creating annual budgets, based on historical data or industry standards; prepare budget-to-actual reports throughout the year
  • Department Tracking: Provide tracking by class to offer snapshots of various departments within the clinic
  • Cost Efficiency: Advise on reducing vendor costs
  • Training: System setup and procedures; internal controls

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